Corporate governance

In October 2018, a new management team took over administration of the Company pursuant to an amalgamation transaction between Eureka Resources Inc. and Kore Mining Ltd. The company has changed its name to Kore Mining Ltd. and trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol "KORE". We currently have five (5) directors and one officer.

Our board of directors has not yet set formal policies regarding corporate governance other than the Audit Committee Charter.

Our Audit Committee is made up of two independent directors, Robert MacDonald and Brendan Cahill, and the third member of the Audit Committee is Adrian Rothwell, the President and CEO of the Company.

All of our directors and officers are experienced and they have all served as directors and officers of a number of other public companies. They have professional qualifications and relevant geological and financial experience garnered over many years in the mineral exploration, development and mining operations business.

The board of directors currently has the following committees:

  • Audit Committee

  • Compensation Committee

Audit Committee Charter